• Life Coaching Launch Disasters
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  • Life Coaching Launch Disasters
  • The Scientific Coaching Method
  • 100 Things I Love to Do
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too wordy

awesome video

Ooops. This was so helpful & inspiring. Thank you very much! Carol

Cheers! I’m doing the 9-5 thing and working hard right now. I’m building up my expertise to begin working smarter, launch and begin working from anywhere in the world!

Getting ready to send those first e-mails, posts, and share a booth at a family expo. Thanks for the reminder that it is ok to start slow and important to trust all will work out.

Thank you, this video was exactly what I needed, It is so on point. I’m learning as I go but haven’t really made the leap but now I know why. Thank you!

This is awesome… I feel like I could start coaching today, but know that I need much more information! Keep it coming! :)

Thank you, Mitch. Great video and great delivery of introductory information. Trying to add coaching as a separate entity to my mental health practice. Trying to conquer the fear of social media, technology, and public speaking.
I do great 1:1 but I would like to reach more people, healthy people, and achieve financial success to enjoy life.
Looking forward to next video.

Very refreshing video and words of encouragement!! Looking forward to the upcoming videos :-)

This is awesome information and I am so ready to help people raise their self esteem and learn how to value “relationships” with lovers, friends, and family!

This was truly helpful and beneficial as I am all over the radar. I had a dream this morning about not being focus and to hype about what I am doing in my life.

The avatar concept is awesome. I will start thinking on that one i like the way you have up your screening process. I find that i really resonate to it. I have already eliminated two other coaching schools. I have one more to go. I do not have to worry about telling my boss that I quit, I will be telling myself. I am a self employed handyman and remodelor. It is a good job and I enjoy it for the most part, but being a life coach is something I have been putting off for years, and I get now is the perfect time to make the transition, and I am going for it!

Thank you for your thought provoking video…It answers some of my existing questions but, also brings up more. Looking forward to the next video..

Very informative

I want to help people get “unstuck” and to help them discover that they are built to accomplish so much more than they ever thought possible. I like to use the metamorphosis of caterpillar to butterfly to communicate that we "All " have the ability to fly , built within each of us.

Thank you – this made me feel so much better. I’m a fairly new Accountability Coach. I have a new website but I’m just starting my marketing.

it is an amazing thing when u spend 45 yrs of ur life feeling like a useless lump, that has mostly contributed nothing useful 2 this world.. then out of nowhere – seriously like a bolt of lightning, brought on by a mixed series of great AND tramatic experiences.. u finally realized my calling! i really sobbed tears of RELIEF 4 a couple hrs when it hit me! relief…. bc after 45 freaking yrs… my existence is going 2 MEAN something!!! something BIG!! its going 2 make me famous! u mark my words, within 1 yr, u will have heard the name cyndi heisler….. !!

i really feel like this will help me alot in launching my life goal! i have already established my avatar before watching this, yes it is quite specific! i am sooooo excited about launching my career, bc i am going 2 help so many people! it gives me chills thinking about it & everyone i’ve told it 2 say the same! people i love dearly (my own children!) & people i’ve never even met yet r going 2 have CHANGED lives.. bc of ME! :D

This is good… Thanks for the opportunity to gain insight from your experience.

This was very informative, Thank you